Renaissance Faire and Fantasy Fest
​More fun than you can shake a wand at. If you stand too close, you'll get GLITTER all over you!


Attire yourself in your most beautiful princess or faerie finery, dust off that Pirate coat and hat, don your wings or pick up a wand, belt on a sword or pull on an eye patch! Gather your friends and family and cross the threshold of the San Jose Fantasy Festival where characters from folklore, fairy tales, and fantasy will come alive to frolic for a magical spell of time.

The event is a family-friendly festival, a blending of myth and popular fantasy. Find yourself a part of a wondrous gathering of knights and princesses, as they stand side-by-side with elves and fairies, on a weekend filled with performances to enchant children and grown-ups alike.

Some of the characters you'll meet at the SJFF:

Snow White & Sleeping Beauty
Troll and Goblin Kings

Viking Gods
Robin Goodfellow

Witches (good and bad)
Mermaids in Water tanks



Queen of the Fairies and her court

Warriors of all kinds


And many many more

Some of the groups you may see:

Brotherhood Of The Black Flag - Pirates

Double Crown Dancers - Dancers from far away lands
Santa Maria: Visiting personalities from all over the world

Fortune's Folly Gaming Guild - FREE games for everyone

Greyraven Constabulary - They will keep peace between the good an evil!

Hounds Haven - a tavern where even the darkest fay can find sanctuary.

Les Femmes D'Affaire - The charming, Fay court of Light

Merchants of the Phoenix - These tradesmen deal in magic

Saint Genieve - Mischief Managed? not with these ladies about

Scabrous Vermicelli & Kingsford the Dragon - the friendliest dragons of the land... no really..

St. Murphys - trouble makers

Puppet Masters - around 100 puppets for you to play with

Quality Pyrate Games - Peter Pan and his band are hiding here, all playing FREE games. You should join them. 

Royal Scots Guild - Where there are fairies, there are the Scots.

Da Orgres - menacing and ugly... unless you pet them. But can you get close enough to do so?



Additionally, we will feature a few amazing fantasy writers at the faire. Wanna stack up on some new, fun good reads and meet the authors behind the works? Keep an eye out for updates on who we'll have!


​Copyright 2016, Renaissance Productions