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Interested in performing & the faire? Being a vendor or a volunteer?

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Press & advertising
Marti Miernik
marti @


Guilds / Stage acts

Please register at and submit your apps via the site. 

Potential Vendors:
David Day
Vendors @

Also, all vendors need to register @

         Looking for Volunteers
         Looking for Kid activity booths
         Looking for Good Quality Period Garb

Want to be a Vendor at Ren Prod shows?

Being a part of a Renaissance Performance needs some earnest preparation on your part. First you should realize that being an actor at a Faire is more than just dressing up in costume and playing for yourself all day. It is hard, consuming and sometimes difficult work, not too mentioned that it can also be a costly endeavor. The same type of dedication and preparation is required from vendors for the shows to achieve and uphold "the" look of the period village that helps transform the patron to the time and place we want them to imagine.


If you're interested in joining Renaissance Productions as a Vendor, you will need to have a CA resale license, period costuming, and a period booth structure. Our applications are accepted on line through (being revised now, will be up and operational again next week).  This is an online registration process we use for not only our faires (San Jose Fantasy, Valhalla, San Jose Ren, and Folsom) but we also offer as a service to the community, through which you will be able to apply to other events.

If you have any other questions, please email our vendor coordinator, David Day vendors

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